Effectively-acknowledged sensible cellphone market has been from the 1st generation of the development of a basic PDA phone to the second-era cellular pcs, but “in 2007 the world-wide mobile phone industry is destined to set off an earthquake, the earthquake caused the third-generation smartphones is the Service Telephone. “A nicely-recognized observers of the cell phone market think so.

In early January, Apple released the iPhone-generating cellular mobile phone Just a handful of days ago, has been rumors of Google cellphone is a ground-breaking, according to the publicity of the two discs. This has led to Samsung, MOTO, LG shares fell, and the global mobile cellphone sector is now dealing with a changing scenario.

Following the Apple and Google, the Asia’s greatest GPS network operators, China’s largest devices makers GPS navigation Shenzhen SEG launch joint China Zhenhua of China’s initial third-generation smart phones.

Since of this, the 3rd generation of intelligent phones (Service Mobile phone) truly the advent of the period. Taking a panoramic watch of the world’s third-generation wise phone marketplace, at existing there are three exceptional reps, are: the advancement of Apple’s Music / MEDIA multimedia programs Support Phone, created by the GOOGLE lookup engine providers are the Service Phone, an additional 1 is the game navigation grid launched joint Zhenhua Group and Phone Middle based on the GPS support platform developed Service Phone – Star G2046.

Services Mobile phone induced adjustments in the new cellular phone market

After two decades of hard twists and turns, Apple CEO Steve Employment finally • January 9 brewing for a prolonged time to come up with a “trump card” – Apple cell phone iPhone.

This is a 3rd-era smartphones Assistance Cellphone, Steve Jobs named “a groundbreaking mobile telephone,” due to the fact it combines the iPod, cell mobile phone and Web capabilities this kind of as communications gear.

Careers that, iPhone cell mobile phone will be “a full adjust in the telecommunications sector”, in relation to the operation of the current smartphone challenging to be a “leap.” In addition, Apple also with Yahoo, Google and other organizations to make the mobile phone supports Bluetooth Wi-Fi communication engineering, can detect the international satellite positioning system position, wholesale cell phones and can send and obtain and show e-mail and text material even use the telephone with the Google map investigation operate, you can uncover the nearest Starbucks cafe.

At the very same time, Apple Personal computer Inc. released the world, people acquainted with the Apple Laptop or computer Inc. (Apple Computer) will adjust its name to Apple (Apple Inc), get rid of the “computer”, the word reflects the comprehensive Apple to enter the field of client electronics dedication particularly in the area of Support Telephone is decided to acquire the.

Not just Apple, Microsoft and Google have fixed the Assistance Mobile phone. Microsoft’s Zune has been Apple’s iPod strategy centered program. According to the most current information, Google also launched its very own Support Telephone handsets, in addition to outdoors cell lookup, Google can make use of the positive aspects there are numerous, and be capable to enter the cellular cellphone business, whether it had the gain of bundling its individual, or far more pre-emptive is a valuable chance to try out and health supplement.

China’s intelligent cellphone into puzzle

Even so, some sensible phones are even now the brand name to remain in the 2nd generation of the advancement and application, when Do-pod, Mio, Lenovo has introduced, this kind of as GPS-dependent mobile telephone applications when the new computer, and many are faced with the plight of modest and medium-sized manufacturers have the same – the absence of network service platforms, material has tiny to offer in full swing with foreign third-generation intelligent phones hit the scene compared to domestic manufacturers are dormant, as it would seem, everything is quiet.

Specialists believe that this consequence is due to the passive predicament of authentic internal potential growth and operation of this very lack of distributors. And all the manufacturers currently obtainable in the industry is not a GPS mobile phone network can present satisfactory companies and content material, nor a terminal makers to set up and enhance in the brief term and mature network platform, which helps make the domestic substantial-finish intelligent phones can maintain up with the very first a few generations of wise phones has become an uncertain long term the pace of improvement.

In truth, following numerous brand names of Chinese-created smartphone is nonetheless the focus of the core demands of the second generation of smart phones generic notion of “cell computer”, which includes Dopod, Lenovo, and so forth. Usually take the large-end intelligent telephone brand name line with the worldwide technologies and marketplace improvement gap length.

Assistance Phone, a huge cake is place in front of the market place, how do we deal with?

SEG Navigation Service Telephone released China’s very first cell mobile phone

Services Mobile phone adequate to lead to subversion of the entire industry-fashion revolution. Even so, in the globe, but the introduction of a mature products, but very couple of. Just a couple of days in the past or Apple and Google dominate the planet for two several hours, but this pattern has now changed.

Apple and Google smashed two world is China’s SEG navigation. SEG navigation grinding sword 10 years, one particular of China’s initial kick off of the third generation of sensible phones (Assistance Phone) SEG Star G2046, the resulting a single-3rd of the world.

SEG Group, standard supervisor of mobile phone navigation Tianzhige an interview that the growth of sensible phones abroad have entered the third era of intelligent phones (Support Mobile phone) period, Support Mobile phone and its highly effective features and software companies gradually conquered the client to the conventional Cellular furnished the basis of information services to offer end users with numerous network assistance services and specialist companies entities.

At the coverage level, as a outcome of the Ministry of Information Market by the finish of 2006 when once more hinted that 3G licenses will be issued to postpone deadline for telecom operators and content material suppliers and application-based mostly solutions, cell cellphone makers are actively searching for option enterprise development

And it shows all the signs when the eve of the coming 3G delay, 3G prequel – GPS software is the future for an interval of time can produce the most profit development of market segmentation. “No matter what at the minute in camp, there is no one particular single GAN operators and makers as a viewer, following all, the software of GPS will be 3G just before Globe War II period of time of the most fantastic time.” Tianzhige said.

Navigation services into the growth trend

In very last week’s 3GSM Earth Congress, the world’s two largest cell phone makers Nokia and Motorola have introduced new products. In addition to be capable to obtain satellite indicators to establish the exact area of the consumer of the new hardware goods, the two companies also released their own navigation solutions. They program to offer directly to the customer navigation services.

Despite the fact that this kind of support organization design is marginally different, but a single factor is obvious, cannot wait for these operators has launched a navigation assistance.

GPS chip maker International Find International vice president of business advancement Salas explained that the spot of companies, GSM operators in certain, gradual. Now, Nokia and other makers that create their personal “ecosystem”, he believes that cellular mobile phone suppliers and operators will have a specific degree of opposition

Nevertheless, as Asia’s biggest GPS network operators, China’s most significant producers of GPS gear, Shenzhen SEG Group, standard manager of mobile cellphone navigation Tianzhige that, SEG navigation and in between operators is required is cooperation rather than competition.

Some specialists feel that with enhancements in positioning technologies, and other cellular cellphone operators and handset makers will be hoping to place assistance and industry share. He also predicted that, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and other companies will start an independent cell mobile phone operators in the navigation and location-dependent solutions.

SEG Star smartphone revolution triggered G2046

It is documented that China’s G2046 SEG Star Assistance Mobile phone cellphone first, even in the planet is following Apple, Google ranked third following.

In this regard, China’s mobile phone navigation SEG exclusive agency to promote communication, deputy general supervisor of Saint-Jean Cheng believes that SEG Star with the G2046, no matter whether any of a cell telephone compared to 3 years have lead. Especially in the subject of third-era smart phones, but also lead to a subversion of the revolution.